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Nutritional therapy is a science and evidenced-informed approach to optimize health and well-being. It looks at the body, seeing each person as individual, therefore tailoring nutrition and lifestyle support accordingly. It seeks to uncover the underlying causes of a person’s health issues, rather than simply managing symptoms. 

In some circumstances, functional testing may be recommended e.g. a comprehensive stool analysis, an adrenal stress test, an organic acids test or a hormone panel. They involve taking a stool, blood, urine, breath or saliva sample for laboratory analysis. They are determined on a case by case basis and are used to identify imbalances in physiological functioning. These imbalances can cause health issues and prevent recovery. Knowing what the imbalances are is an invaluable tool, allowing specific nutrition recommendations to be put into your plan for more efficient results. This can also help motivate you to stick to your plan. Professional, recognised UK laboratories are used to purchase the tests and analyse the samples.

– Digestion and gut health including IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, acid reflux, bloating, constipation etc

– Low energy and chronic fatigue

– Metabolic disease – Diabetes, obesity

– Mood disorders – Anxiety, depression

– Skin conditions – acne, eczema, psoriasis

– Autoimmune disease – Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis

– Poor sleep – waking up unfreshed, waking during the night

– Fatigue – low energy, energy slumps, post-viral fatigue

– Women’s health – PMS, heavy periods, menopause, endometriosis, fertility

– Men’s health – prostate health, fertility

– Weight management

– General health and well-being

– Aches and pains

Everyone! Nutritional Therapy is not just for individuals with chronic health conditions, it is for those who want to enhance their health and wellbeing also. Each person coming to nutritional therapy is viewed as unique and as such is recommended a completely personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan.

The number of sessions depends on your health condition and how long you’ve had it. Chronic, complex cases will require more sessions than simple cases. Usually three appointments are needed and these would be 4-6 weeks apart. Some clients like to have more regular follow-ups. This can be ascertained case by case.

Prior to the initial consultation, I provide a health questionnaire and food diary for you to complete.

During the consultation, which typically lasts 60 minutes, I ask detailed questions about your current health concerns, symptoms, medical history, family history, use of medication and supplements, diet and lifestyle.

After the consultation, I will carefully evaluate all your information and prepare an evidence-based personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan. The recommendations I suggest should feel realistic, doable and in line with what you want to achieve and what I see as needing support. Supplements may also be recommended to give your body extra support as you begin your plan.

Follow-up appointments are normally 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation. They allow me to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

As many clients have underlying issues that require ongoing support, further sessions can be booked as and when needed.

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10% discount on supplements from the Natural Dispensary

10% discount on supplements from the Natural Dispensary

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I aim to support you towards optimal health and wellbeing through 4 key areas:

1. Scientific, evidence-based nutritional support
2. Correcting any deficiencies or imbalances in the body
3. Using high quality functional testing
4. Tailored and personalised plans for long-term sustainable health

I can advise and recommend some of the best products available only to practitioners through this service.